ease your business burden with


Hi! I'm Monica,

I'm so excited for you!

I would classify myself as a serial entrepreneur. I love learning new things and I love, love coaching people through the learning process! Being a business owner opens a world of possibilities. Unfortunately, sometimes those 10,000 possibilities come with overwhelm, uncertainty and organizational issues.

But, no worries- I'm here for you ✨


A plan where the outcome is you doing what you love in your business and none of the stuff you do not!

I love meetings, spreadsheets and creating strategies to push people to their potential. I have managed all aspects of business for almost 20 years. It wasn't until I got a call from someone and that said "I think need a Monica" that

I realized the things I love to do


Hearing they "needed a Monica" was the ultimate compliment. "A Monica" loves analyzing challenges, creating systems & protocols and leading people to realize and attain their true potential.

Make business FUN!

I think that in all the years I've finally figured it out...

...the reason it's fun is that I know & love what I'm doing. The result of years of experience and learning- is pure excitement, strategies and tools to help business owners succeed. And now...I am on a mission to help business owners



✔ Create Strategy

I have found that successful people have three major things in common:


What We offer ⬇

Private Facebook Group

I've created a space where we can be part of your business journey-everyday! Business owners can share ideas, brainstorm, and support each other. We add helpful tips, tricks and inspiration. You are not alone in business anymore! This Business Brainstorm VIP group is a must in your journey to getting clear in your business, gaining the knowledge of others and ditching the overwhelm.

It's full of surprises! See ya there ;)

Custom Strategies

Our most popular route to business bliss is our custom strategy sessions. We first meet on a Zoom call and collect the nitty gritty details of your business and what your pain points are. Is it social media? is it a website? Is it SOP's (standard operating procedures)? Or is it that you have goals but no idea how to reach them? Don't worry at the end of our strategy session you will leave filling fired up for your business!

Monthly Coaching Calls

Our custom strategy sessions combined with monthly coaching calls make this option the beautiful , silky smooth icing on a 3 tier birthday cake! Like seriously, It is the most information and motivation you can get wrapped up into a business bestie of your very own.

The first step is a discovery call so we can learn about each other.

"What a blessing she is to business owners."

"Monica was so easy to talk to, it was like she already knew what I wanted to tell her. I walked away from that conversation feeling like I had a new best friend, someone I could turn to when I was confused and someone that would help me through the tough parts. She pointed me in the right direction and gave me confidence" -Liz, Evergreen Flower Farm

"I've known Monica for years and it wasn't until I opened my very first business that I realized what a blessing she is to business owners! We had a strategy meeting and she outlined what she knew could help me with. She made me a custom spreadsheet to track my daily income and expenses and she does ALL my social. We now meet quarterly to make sure I'm on track." - Tarra, Buck's Port Hope Diner

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